Sobra na ang pagka aburido ni kuya sa misis niya!

songtriplets1483: Kuya is the perfect example of loving,caring and responsible father.

rowenasvlog9124: Feel ko si kuya yung bisaya ka’t kailangan mong mag tagalog tsaka sobrang nanggagaliiti ka Kuya, you did your best! Godbless.

aiqf3189: Breaks my heart. Sir raffy im so proud of u for helping poor people like us .watchng from australia. Iam a big fan of u tulfo bro’s .Godbless.

jovenmandag7094: My eyes can’t hold the tears in watching this. Kuya your a good father deserves to have a good wife.

lusababanhoehl-volkers9620: Sir Raffy, i believe you’re an “anghel sa lupa”. if more people like you, this world would be an amazing place. thank u for being you. Godbless.

eulabanatao5664: nakakatuwa si kuya at the same time nakakaawa, more blessings to come and wishing good health po sainyong mag-aama.

oirpartosa2616: Tatay mabuhay ka wag kang ma walan nang pag asa.

solielenad2070: I feel so sorry for the children. Grabe trauma nito sa kanila for sure.

dinaturlao6771: Dati iniiwasan ko ang programang ito ngayon addict na addict na akoo GOD BLESS THIS PROGRAM.

johnlor6990: the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies it comes from those who you trust the most.

sonnyboyali7963: Soobrang bait mo kuya, deserve mo maraming blessings na dadating sa buhay mo.

denighurl2559: Salute to Sir Raffy Tulfo, napakabait at he’s helping other people without expecting anything in return! Indeed, An inspiration to many May God Bless you always Sir.

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