After 7 years, BB Gandanghari reunites with mother in PH

After 7 years, BB Gandanghari reunites with mother in PH

Photo credit: @gandangharibb on Instagram

BB Gandanghari confirmed that she is back in the Philippines after staying abroad for many years.

The transgender model and actress teased about her homecoming in an Instagram post early this week, posting a clip of herself at an airport, with the caption, “Home is where your heart is…”

“#SeeYouSoon: long time coming,” she then wrote in her post.

On Tuesday, December 6, BB confirmed that she has returned to Manila where she happily reunited with her mother, Eva Cariño, after seven years.

“#JustLanded: Happiest to see my dearest mama in 7 years… Yes, it was that long ago. How time flies,” she said.

BB officially became an American citizen last April after a decade of residing in the United States. She left the country to pursue her dreams of joining Hollywood, but is currently working there as a bookkeeper and an accountant.

BB, then Rustom Padilla, revealed to the public that she is transgender in 2009. She requested to have a Los Angeles court legally recognize her gender as female and have her name changed to Binibini Gandanghari in August of 2016. Her request was granted on November of the same year.

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