Meet Cassy London: A global pop superstar in the making

Meet Cassy London: A global pop superstar in the making

There’s a pop superstar in the making — and her name is Cassy London.

While Cassy’s name may be relatively new to some, she is no stranger to Filipino music fans.

Born in Southern California, Cassy has created a global fanbase through her music. Having started singing at the age of five, Cassy said music chose her.

“I was lucky enough to find that I was obsessed with music,” she told PUSH in an exclusive interview. “And that was it — like I knew it. So, it kinda just went from there and I was in talent shows.”

While her genre is alternative pop, Cassy’s love for music has always been rooted in classical music. “That’s where my love for singing really took off in that part,” she revealed.

Describing herself as a “writer-at-heart,” Cassy shared why she decided to pursue pop as her genre. “It’s as simple as I wanted to be the writer behind the songs.”

But making music isn’t easy, especially for a singer-songwriter like Cassy who needs to draw inspiration somewhere to create a song with an inspiring message like the ones she makes. An only child who happens to be observant of her surroundings, Cassy said she gets to make music through the people around her and her own experiences.

“Being from Southern California, being from Los Angeles, and just being surrounded by so much creative juices and artistic people, you just kind of [feel] that that energy is there. And you just kind of pick up on so many different things,” she said.

For Cassy, making music isn’t just about creating a hit through catchy hooks — it’s about making a difference.

“I’m just not always after just having a really catchy hook, which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome — and it’s really great to have. But that’s never been my main focus. And I just hope my fans can hear in the songs that I’ve released so far that there’s a lot of meaning to them,” she said.

“There’s a lot of themes underneath. Empowerment and positivity — those are some of the things that I hope to keep in my songs throughout my career and that’s something my fans can identify with my music lyrically,” she added.

Her musical inspirations range from a number of artists — and it shows through her love for America pop-rock band Imagine Dragons.

“When I hear Imagine Dragons, they make me feel so powerful and excited and anthemic, you know. Like you’re just ‘Oh my God this is it!’ You just feel the energy. They’re so powerful in their songs and their lyrics are incredible,” she said.

She went on: “And I feel like they’re also very relatable with the times. They write about things that we can relate to in a way. They’re not so avant-garde that you know like ‘What the heck are they talking about?’ I think their messages are pretty clear and it comes from the heart.”

Given a chance, who does she want to collaborate with? Halsey, CHVRCHES, and Taylor Swift are among them.

“I love Halsey a lot. And I feel like she experiments a lot with different pop songs, too. I love the band CHVRCHES. I love their song ‘Miracles’ I feel like they’ve probably pulled some inspiration from Imagine Dragons. I’m a big fan also now of Tate McRae. I like her a lot,” she said.

“And I mean, I love Taylor Swift, not gonna lie. I really love that new album Midnights. So, that would probably be my top five female collaboration goals,” she added.

But it seems there’s no need to introduce Cassy to the Filipino audience as she is among the few Americans who landed on Kumu.

“To be honest, I love the Filipino community. I’m actually on Kumu. I was probably one of the first Americans over here to get on it. I have so many amazing Filipino friends. One of my closest Filipino friends that actually helped me start in music was DJ Rocky Rock from the Black Eyed Peas. He introduced me to Kumu and I had such a fun time on that app,” she said.

Among all the songs she released, Cassy said she wants Filipinos to hear her song “Yellow Bricks” which she said best describes her.

“I would say it has a good representation of what I would like to experiment with, the message is really close to home. And it’s very important right now in my life,” she said.

Before our conversation ended, Cassy left a meaningful message for her fans: “Have that confidence in yourself to know that you have the right to say what you want and you have good decisions and good opinions, and your voice matters.”

Is there a chance for her to come and visit the Philippines anytime soon? “I would absolutely love to do that. It’s not far off, no,” she said.

With her songs bringing powerful sound and impactful messages, there’s no doubt Cassy is going to make it big.

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