Jovit Baldovino’s home in Batangas open for visitors

Jovit Baldovino’s home in Batangas open for visitors

Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Champion Jovit Baldovino has sung his last song.

It was on December 9, 2022, that Jovit passed away, after five days of being in a coma.

His family watches over him in their family home in Barangay Marilag in Rosario, Batangas. Family and friends flocked to the Baldovino home to pay their final respects to the singer as early as the first night of the wake, and more are expected to visit over the weekend.

According to Jovit’s father, the public is welcome to visit the wake as well.

A devoted son and sibling, Jovit’s passing is a heavy blow to his family.

“Masakit sa loob namin pero kailangang ipasa-Diyos namin ito,“ said Hilario Baldivino, Jovit’s father. “Mahal na mahal ko anak ko pero mayron din tayong Panginoon kaya kailangan tanggapin natin.”

He revealed that Jovit actually suffered a stroke last November 22, and was on hypertension maintenance medication. He was still in recovery when he was invited to sing at a Christmas party. Against medical advice, Jovit accepted and happily serenaded the crowd with his top hits.

“Sa matalik na kaibigan niya iyon. Best friend niya. Hindi work iyon, hindi niya lang matanggihan,” explained Jovit’s partner, Camille Ann Miguel, who stayed by Jovit’s casket in vigil.

In her social media account, Camille poured out her grief over the loss of her partner. She shared how much she would miss life with him and cried over the future they lost.

“Sobrang sakit sobrang hirap alam ng lhat at lalong alam mo kung gaano kita kamahal at lalong alam ko po kung gaano mko kamahal,” she wrote. “Magpapakasal pa tayo eh mag bababy pa tayo napakadami pa nten plano.”

Camille assured Jovit that she knew how hard he fought to survive and that while she missed him a lot, she also didn’t want him to suffer anymore.

“Gagawin ko nlng na kahit wala kna andto pdn ako sa likod ng pamilya mo na pamilya ko naren,” she promised.

Some accounts say that Jovit collapsed while singing, a detail that Camille immediately refuted.

“Hidi siya nag-collapse habang kumakanta. Hindi totoo ‘yun,” said Camille.

Shealso asked that people refrain from sharing false information about Jovit, especially now that the family has already released details about his passing.

Jerry Telan, Jovit’s former handler in Star magic, relayed the family’s official statement.

“According to Jovit Baldivino’s parents Mr. Hilario “Larry” and Mrs. Cristeta Baldivino and fiancé Camille Ann Miguel, he was recuperating for a week with hypertension maintenance medicines,” he relayed.

“Then he was invited by a family friend from Batangas City. Doctor’s advice not to sing while recuperating. Knowing “Bundoy” (Jovit), he gave in to the clamor of the crowd,” continued the report. “He sang 3 signature songs including Faithfully by Journey. He was gasping for breath on the 3rd song. After an hour while sitting, his face was deformed with flowing salivas.”

Jovit was then rushed to the emergency room, where scans showed the formation of a blood clot in his brain. He underwent surgery to suction blood off his brain, after which he lay in a coma for five days. Unfortunately, he passed away soon after.

“Our dearest Jovit Baldivino joined our Creator at 4:00 AM today December 9, 2022. He was 29.”

Up to the very end, Jovit offered the talent he had to give joy to people. A video of his last performance surfaced online:

As of now, there are still no final arrangements for his funeral. The Baldovino’s house remains open for 24 hours for those who wish to pay their respects to Jovit.

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