Manny Pacquiao shows dominance in his win against South Korean DK Yoo

Manny Pacquiao shows dominance in his win against South Korean DK Yoo

Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao defeated South Korean YouTube vlogger and MMA fighter DK Yoo in dominant fashion in their exhibition match held last December 11. The matchup between the two had been in the works for months before it finally became a reality.

The exhibition match only had six rounds as compared to the usual 12 rounds in boxing.

Manny proved to his fans that age is just a number and he still has what it takes to win against some of the younger boxers. He toyed around the South Korean MMA fighter as he won in a unanimous decision.

DK Yoo had the height advantage over the Filipino boxing champ but this didn’t stop Manny from beating the odds. Manny took charge throughout the match up and left fans speechless.

The South Korean athlete-vlogger was left with a bloodied nose at the end of the fourth round after Manny threw several punches.

Manny sealed the deal in the sixth and final round of the match as he scored knockdown over DK Yoo.

The money earned from the exhibition game will be donated to the families affected by the war in Ukraine. Manny is also planning to build homes for his fellow countrymen.

Manny was spotted with actor Ji Chang-wook prior to the exhibition match. His wife, Jinkee, shared photos of them eating dinner together alongside the South Korean actor.

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