Netizens react to Anne Curtis and Regine Velasquez’s performance on ‘ASAP’

Netizens react to Anne Curtis and Regine Velasquez’s performance on ‘ASAP’

Multimedia superstar Anne Curtis trended on social media right after her performance with Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez on the ASAP Natin ‘To stage last December 11. Netizens pointed out how Anne was able to keep up with the high notes and even added some adlibs throughout the song.

Anne and Regine sang their own version of “Christmas Bonus” by Aegis.

“@annecurtissmith proving dedication, passion, and just having fun can level with in born talent. Ang galing!!! Nakakatuwa,” Twitter user @agmolina wrote.

“Wow! Galing @annecurtissmith 😲👏👏 this is what they say that singing is a learnt skill!! Keep on singing!!” Netizen named @kensowsa shared.

“That’s confidence! Galing! Very inspiring na you may not be a great singer but you can perform with confidence,” @captainmarikina added.

Most of the netizens pointed out the improvement of Anne’s voice throughout the years. Another video of the actress teaching Regine the right tune of the song’s ending went viral.

Prior to their much-awaited performance, Anne shared how nervous she was performing alongside Regine. Netizens also recalled her previous performance with the Asia’s Songbird from years ago. She claimed that her voice has changed due to her giving birth.

After the performance, Anne tweeted how happy she was to have a duet with one of Asia’s finest singers.

“I’m so kilig madam @reginevalcasid 💙” she shared.

Anne also trended on social media weeks ago for singing and belting out the high notes of the song “Gusto ko nang Bumitaw”. Netizens poked fun at the confidence of the performer and added how her vocal lessons have been paying off.

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