Filipino mom Mama Lulu gets featured in Beyoncé’s music video

Filipino mom Mama Lulu gets featured in Beyoncé’s music video

A viral TikTok video of a US-based Filipino family caught the eye of Beyoncé and was included in the the music video of ‘Break My Soul’.

“Get out of here, before I break your soul!”

So goes the warning of Mama Lulu, a US-based Filipino mom, to her son Olly, who teased her by saying he didn’t like Beyoncé’s new song.

This video quickly went viral and has over 2.9 million views, 500k likes, and 2,000 comments as of this writing.

They have become such a hit, in fact, that their TikTok video was included in the music video of Beyoncé’s song “Break My Soul “ (Hive Certified).


The music video was posted on Beyoncé’s YouTube channel and featured various videos of her fans, known as the BeyHive, as they grooved along to her song.

Olly also posted a TikTok of Mama Lulu’s reaction to seeing their family being featured at the opening of Beyoncé’s video.

“Mama and our family are featured on the new Beyoncé Hive Certified Break my Soul video which also features other creators / fans,” Olly captioned his post. “Thank you Beyoncé and also Mama Tina for sharing our video a couple of months back!”

Mama Lulu’s excitement was reflected in her big smile as she waited for the video to begin.

“I have a surprise for you, ‘cause I think you might like it,” Olly told his mom.

A true fan, Mama Lulu even came ready with her Beyoncé blanket, inspired by the singer’s newest album Renaissance, wrapped all around her.

“Focus [on] the blanket, Oliver,” Mama Lulu instructed Olly later on.

In the comments section, Olly revealed the story behind the blanket.

“She didn’t spend $100 and wait 2 months for that blanket to go unnoticed,” Olly revealed. “This was the moment!”

Mama Lulu’s eyes widened as she realized they were included in the video. She laughed out loud and even did a happy dance.

Mama Lulu seemed teary-eyed, then like a diva, went on with head held high to give a thank you speech using a bottle as her microphone.

“I would like to thank Beyoncé, her mother Tina for having her, and my family,” she said, as she posed for the camera.

Olly has the handle @otakoyakisoba on TikTok, and his content is full of hilarious exchanges with his mom and siblings. Filipino humor abounds in their candid family conversations and Mama Lulu’s “eedjiot” phrase has become her signature comeback especially when her children prank her. They have endeared themselves to millions who find their day-to-day exchanges refreshing and relatable. To date, Olly’s account already has 16 million followers and around 775 million likes.

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