KC Concepcion reunites with Sharon Cuneta during Frankie Pangilinan’s 22nd birthday

KC Concepcion reunites with Sharon Cuneta during Frankie Pangilinan’s 22nd birthday

Sharon Cuneta’s second daughter Frankie Pangilinan had a low-key celebration with her closest friends and family last December 16.

Last December 16 was a special occasion in the family of Sharon Cuneta with her second daughter Frankie currently back in the country for her 22nd birthday. Her birthday dinner also marked KC Concepcion’s reunion with the Megastar after returning from the States where she has also been based during the pandemic. In one post, Sharon shared how happy she was to be with all her children, “Yaaaaay!!! Family pic!!! First in a loooong time!!!”

In a series of posts, Sharon happily shared how the celebrator dressed up for her dinner. “My birthday girl who uses make-up like she’s painting on a canvas! Butterflies, flowers…My kids are creative!.”

Frankie also received a bouquet of roses from her father Francis Pangilinan and younger brother Miguel that same night. Also included during the dinner was Frankie’s closest friends. Sharon wrote, “Happy 22nd Birthday to my Baba Kakie!!! Happy to be a complete family tonight and also to be reunited(&-ing) with Kakie’s friends!!! I love you so very much my Baba! So proud of you!!!”

In another post, Sharon shared the explanation behind her daughter’s specially designed cake. She wrote, “Kakie with her beautiful Star Wars cake by Tita Anna Ocampo-Sarmiento of @littlemissoc l(yes, she and I are Star Wars junkies! I LOVE Artoo-D2 and BB8 and the Ewoks and the Skywalkers and Yoda and Hans Solo and Chewy and Obi Wan Kenobi!!!)! She was sooo happy! Thank you so much Atcheng Anna my Kumare!!! We love you!!!”

Frankie’s younger sister Miel also greeted her sibling with a throwback photo of themselves as young kids. Miel wrote, “happy birthday stink stink!

“thank u for being the best ditse in the world! we’re just 2 middle kids going thru the motions together 4 years apart I love u. thank u for withstanding my ramblings about jeno and elvis and fight club. I don’t know what i would do without you. i’m crying rn. I love u.”

On KC’s account, Sharon’s eldest daughter shared some of her favorite photos with her siblings taken that same night. She wrote, “When I’m not craving to travel and discover amazing new places, I crave time with family. Currently celebrating my sis’s birthday with mom @reallysharoncuneta and the fam tonight… love will always find a way. Happy 22nd to you Kakie!!!.”

Frankie is currently based in New York City to pursue her studies in college.

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