Bela Padilla headlines movie with K-Drama actors Jasper Cho, Kim Gun-woo

Bela Padilla headlines movie with K-Drama actors Jasper Cho, Kim Gun-woo

Bela Padilla stars in ‘Ultimate Oppa’ alongside K-Drama actors Jasper Cho and Kim Gun-woo.

Bela Padilla stars in a new film alongside K-Drama stars Jasper Cho and Kim Gun-woo, in the new Prime movie Ultimate Oppa.

“Who said romance only exists in K-Drama? Bela Padilla, Kim Gun-woo, and Jasper Cho discover a love that Hallyu dreams are made of. Ultimate Oppa now streaming on Prime Video,” the streaming platform posted on social media.

Ultimate Oppa tells the story of Yana (Bela), a Filipino fan of Hallyu who is a big fan of Korean star Moon Shi-woo (Jasper Cho).

Based on the synopsis of the film shared online, K-culture fans would definitely relate to the story of the film in one way or another.

“Yana’s dream comes true when she flies to Korea to join fans from all over the globe to meet Moon Shi-woo at an exclusive fan event. During the event, the fans compete for the attention of the star, but Yana finds herself falling for Jae (Gun-woo), the actor’s manager, instead,” the synopsis wrote.

The production of the movie took place back in February 2020. The movie is a co-production of Viva Films and Reality Entertainment from the Philippines and Creative Leaders Group Eight from South Korea.

Following the release of the teaser of Ultimate Oppa, fans were quick to express their excitement about the movie on social media.

“Haaaaaaay this is going to fulfill my KDRAMA fantasy na pinay ang bida. Bonus pa Bela Padilla, one of my favorites looking forward to watch this,” one fan said.

“Wow! This is living the dream of every Filipino fangirl,” another fan commented.

“Wow! I like this one!… every girls dream is to meet his ultimate oppa! ” another fan stated.

Jasper is a Canadian actor based in South Korea. He previously starred in the television series Descendants of the Sun and Man Who Dies to Live.

Meanwhile, Gun-woo is a Korean actor who became part of series like Record of Youth, Catch The Ghost, and Fight for My Way.

Bela, on the other hand, is one of the Philippines’ most sought-after actresses today. Among her projects include 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, Meet Me in St. Gallen, and The Day After Valentine’s. She is also known for being a screenwriter, and producer.

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