Pia Wurtzbach on ‘utang na loob’ mentality: ‘Kailan ba mababayaran ’yan?’

Pia Wurtzbach on ‘utang na loob’ mentality: ‘Kailan ba mababayaran ’yan?’

Pia shared that she could relate to the topic very well.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach shared that she wanted to find out when the ‘utang na loob’ mentality would end as part of the Filipino culture.

In the latest episode of her online show Holding Space, the beauty queen discussed different toxic cultural traits Filipinos have, which included utang na loob.

Holding Space aims to tackle mental health and wellness by featuring different individuals and key personalities to discuss their experiences.

“May isa akong naalala na toxic culture ng Filipinos, ‘yung utang na loob, diba? Kasi parang walang kamatayan na utang na loob. Parang kailan ba mababayaran ang utang na iyan? Parang ka ;pag may mabuti kang ginawa sa isa, laging meron inaasahang kapalit,” she shared to the panelists.

The beauty queen jokingly added that she could very much relate to the topic but didn’t give a detailed explanation as to how or why.

“Relate na relate ako sa topic na to my goodness,” she quipped.

Aside from the panelists, Pia went around Metro Manila to interview random people to ask their take on the supposed toxic cultural trait of Filipinos.

Netizens shared their stories on Filipinos’ utang na loob mentality in the comments section of the beauty queen’s post.

“My late Uncle’s words about this stuck with me, he said “Pag ang utang na loob sinumbat sa’yo bayad na yun,” Instagram user @bad_jowjow commented. Pia replied to the netizen, appearing to agree with the comment.

Netizens also lauded Pia for continuing her advocacy in helping educate Filipinos on topics such as the one in her video.

Meanwhile, others also commented on their opposing views on the ‘utang na loob’ culture in the country.

Pia is currently with her fiancé, Jeremy Jauncey, in another country. The couple will be celebrating the holidays together.

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