Swedish DJ Alesso speaks up after no-show at Manila headline event

Swedish DJ Alesso speaks up after no-show at Manila headline event

Alesso got into hot water after he did not make an appearance at a show in Manila.

Alesso has spoken up after he did not appear for his scheduled headline event in Manila last Saturday, December 17.

Alesso was supposed to be the headliner at a show at the SMDC Festival Grounds last December 17. He was supposed to come out at 12 midnight. But as early as 5 in the afternoon, local events promoter Ovation Productions announced doors will open at 7 PM instead of the original 6:30 PM when homegrown talent Rico Arce was supposed to make an appearance.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Ovation announced hours before Alesso’s set that he would no longer be performing for his Filipino fans. In the same statement, Ovation said the show was only “postponed” and not actually canceled.

Much to the surprise of fans, Alesso then shared a video of himself in Bali — the same time as his scheduled DJ set in Manila. His move then enraged fans who were already at the venue, bombarding his post with disappointment.

“You have the audacity to post that you had a great time in Bali at the moment that you should have been in Manila. Tell me, how does it feel to disappoint people with your unprofessionalism?” one user wrote in the comments.

“The nerve of you posting and no explanation on why you canceled. People were waiting for you in the rain here in Manila. Not to mention the horrible traffic on the way to the event. Thanks though for reminding me that I don’t really like your music. Good riddance,” another fan wrote.

“Filipinos supported you when you were just a front act to big DJs from years ago and you bailed last minute without any press releases. This is disappointing to say the least,” one other fan stated.

Alesso then released a statement a day later, saying he will make it up to his fans.

“Manila, due to circumstances that were out of my own control, I’m deeply sorry that my show was canceled,” he said. “Me and my team are doing our best to make this up to you. I’m so sorry for this!”

Other DJs who performed that night were Ace Ramos, Martin Pulgar, Marc Marasigan, Rico Arce, KATDJ, Deuce, Katsy Lee, David Ardiente, and ACRAZE.

Alesso’s hits include “If I Lose Myself,” “Heroes,” “Let Me Go,” “Remedy,” and “When I’m Gone,” among others.

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