Vice Ganda thankful for MC and Lassy for helping him out: ‘We are really family’

Vice Ganda thankful for MC and Lassy for helping him out: ‘We are really family’

Vice Ganda shared that his relationship with MC and Lassy go beyond friendship.

Partners in Crime lead star Vice Ganda opened up about his friendship with fellow comedians, MC and Lassy.

Both are also part of his Metro Manila Film Festival entry.

The comedian-actor said that he feels grateful for the support the two have given him throughout his career.

Vice shared how shy he gets when people think that he’s helping the two find their way into the showbiz spotlight.

“Actually, nahihiya ako pag sinasabi yun, na lagi ko silang tinutulungan. Hindi niyo alam na ang laki ng itinutulong nila sa akin. Kumbaga, nagbabalikan lang kami ng pagmamahal, kaming magkakaibigan,” he shared.

Aside from Partners in Crime, MC and Lassy have joined the Unkabogable Star in various hit movies of his in the past. They also recently became part of the noontime variety show It’s Showtime.

Vice revealed that they have a give-and-take kind of friendship. He said each one of them knows when to step up and support one another.

The 46-year-old celebrity shared how thankful he is when MC and Lassy would make him shine more than them for him to achieve success.

“Hinahayaan nila ako na mag-shine. Hinahayaan nila ako. Ang laki ng binibigay nila para mag-shine ako. For the longest time, ginagawa nila ‘yun para umangat ako. Tinutulungan nila ako. Pero mas nakikita yung tinutulungan ko sila, kaysa tinutulungan nila ako,” he said.

“Ang laki ko na ngayon, eh, diba? Kaya parang mas nakikita natin ‘yung effort na ginagawa ng malaki, when in fact, ang daming effort na ginagawa ng hindi mo kasing laki,” Vice added.

Vice noted how the two comedians played a big role in his latest movie. MC and Lassy are known to share the same type of comedy as Vice, revealing it was one of the reasons why he needed them to be part of it.

“Hindi naman to mabubuo kung kaming dalawa lang ni Ivana. Ang bagot nito kung kaming dalawa lang. We can only do so much. Ang laki ng iginaganda ng pelikula dahil sa marami naming mga kasama, lalong lalo na sina MC at si Lassy at si Tetay,” he said.

Vice strongly added that their friendship goes beyond popularity. “Ginagawa namin ‘yun, kasi mahal namin ang isa’t isa. We are more than just co-workers, we are more than just friends; we are really family,” he said.

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