Maxene Magalona reveals reason she still posts her wedding photos

Maxene Magalona reveals reason she still posts her wedding photos

There are two reasons Maxene Magalona wants to keep posting them.

Actress Maxene Magalona shared with her followers on social media the reason she still uploads some of her wedding photos even though she is already separated from her husband. The actress also added how she’s been coping with her life after the separation.

Maxene revealed she was no longer with her husband back in October this year.

Maxene shared only two reasons she has been sharing her old wedding photos. The actress admitted that she is doing this in order to honor the pain she felt when she went through the separation.

“To those who find it weird that I still post my wedding photos even though my marriage didn’t work out, 1. This is one of the ways I honor my pain. 2. Ang ganda ko sa photos, sayang naman,” she shared.

The Viral Scandal actress gave advice to people who are in the process of breaking up. She shared her story and her experience in the podcast called Project Loving Myself Podcast where she was invited to be a guest again.

“I dealt with my own breakup by developing a closer and deeper relationship with God. I kept praying for me and my ex-husband so that He could give us both the strength and energy to go through the pain of breaking up. God was the One who really helped me through everything. Up to this day, He is and forever will be my healer,” she wrote.

Netizens showed their support and empathy towards the actress in the comment section. They also shared how they’ve been going through the same thing as Maxene and wished her the best in life.

Maxene married model Robbie Manaquil back in 2018.

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