WATCH: Slater Young does a tour of Skypod 2.0

WATCH: Slater Young does a tour of Skypod 2.0

Slater Young did a tour of the 3-storey Skypod 2.0 house.

Engineer and content creator Slater Young did a house tour of his newest project, the Skypod 2.0 or the Monterrazas Prime.

In a YouTube vlog he uploaded on his channel, Slater shared that it has been almost two years in the making. “I’m happy to say it has turned out better than what we imagined,” he said.

Slater highlighted that Skypod 2.0 has a minimalist Asian design and is a 3-storey house.

“We started off with a minimalist design but Asian inspired pa rin and wala siyang fence, very open, very welcoming. And parang may sense of community just because the house is open as it is, but again a very minimal design and not only it is minimal ang laki ng wow factors in all the spaces inside,” he remarked.

From the outside, the house has a four-car garage.

Upon going inside, Slater showed the living room which has a view of the Cebu skyline. “The moment you enter the home, look at that view, a 180-degree panoramic view of the city by these glass panels right here,” he said.

The living room is located on the first floor of the house.

Adjacent to the living room is the infinity pool which is divided by a glass window. “When you are watching the TV, you have that infinity pool and you have that view of the city while enjoying your favorite show. City life does not get any better than this,” he pointed out.

Slater further highlighted, “This whole house is designed to be open living, very open planning type of design… very indoor-outdoor living tayo.”

The engineer-content creator also shared why he decided to make the pool as visible as possible.

“One of my pet peeves when it comes to swimming pools is that minsan hindi nagagamit so we actually place this front and center of the house so even if you are not swimming parang ginagamit mo pa rin since you are always enjoying it in all the space of the main floor. But not only that, if you can see that light right there [in the pool], it can turn any color you want so that meron ‘tong ambient lighting at night,” he relayed.

The kitchen area is also located on the first floor which is connected to the living room. “Basically the thinking of this house is it has to be as minimal not just in design but also the effort that it takes to live in the house,” he said.

On the second floor of Skypod 2.0 is the bedroom area. The house has three bedrooms.

“We have three good size bedrooms – two for the kids and one massive master’s bedroom. All the bedrooms of this house has the view of the city. All the second floor balconies of this house is connected you just have to open the sliding door.”

Apart from the bedrooms, there is also a family area on the second floor.

Slater also showed the basement area of the house.

“Meron pang one more floor right down below the main floor. So the basement area if you see is an open area wherein the future owners of the house can build it to their exact liking,” he relayed.

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