BINI performs in New York City for MTV Jammin’

BINI performs in New York City for MTV Jammin’

BINI flew to the US to perform their song “Strings{ on the weekly live music series MTV Jammin’.

After making their debut last year, all-girl Filipino idol group BINI marked another milestone in their career with their international debut this month as a featured performer on the live music series MTV Jammin’.

The girls of BINI flew to New York City to shoot in the middle of the busy metropolis.

MTV Asia shared the news with BINI fans on their Instagram account last December 25.

The music and pop culture channel wrote: “Blooms, you gotta wake up, wake up, get higher! Cuz here’s @bini_ph once again on MTV Jammin’, this time around with an electrifying performance of ‘Strings’!”

Watch the video here:

In their MTV Jammin’ appearance, the group started off by sharing their first time experiencing the winter weather in the US.

“It’s everybody’s first time here in New York. First of all, it’s very, very cold here. Everyone is shivering and freezing. And it’s very different from the Philippines but we love it here,” BINI said.

“We love how it’s very bright and there’s so many lights here. So many people too. And we got to perform a while ago in front of people and a lot of people liked it so we’re happy. And we can’t wait to just see more of New York,” the group added.

In another post on MTV Asia, one of the members of BINI shared the group’s wish for the new year.

”Happy holidays everyone. I hope everyone will have a good time, good Christmas and good New Year. Our 2023 wish is that we hope BINI will get to travel more, will get to see many people, and that BINI will become a household name in the future. Thank you so much everybody. To those who supported us, continue supporting us,” the group said.

Formed through Star Hunt Academy, BINI is an eight-member girl group composed of young, modern Filipinas who aspire to share their talent and passion with the world.

Their current members are Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena.

Earlier this year, BINI performed at the “2022 PPOP CON” and the “Be You” concert with Red Velvet wherein they received a warm welcome from different audiences.

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