Donnalyn Bartolome pens heartfelt message for brother: ‘Thank you for fighting, I love you so much’

Donnalyn Bartolome pens heartfelt message for brother: ‘Thank you for fighting, I love you so much’

It’s a special day for Donnalyn Bartolome and her brother, Jay.

Celebrity vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome shared with her followers on social media how she spent her Christmas this year, celebrating with her brother, Jay, at a memorial park where their late grandmother was laid to rest.

In an Instagram post, the internet sensation opened up about her brother’s mental health condition in a post shared on Christmas Day, December 25.

Donnalyn revealed that her brother is one of the reasons why she always does her best in whatever she does.

The vlogger, who also happens to be is the eldest child in her family and has been vocal on how she supported her siblings throughout their lives.

“How I’m spending Christmas Day. My brother has been suffering with his mental health for years and I’m so grateful you are still here with me. Thank you for fighting, I love you so much,” she shared.

Donnalyn recalled the time she told her brother, Jay, why she kept on pushing herself to do more.

“Remember when I told you ‘I want you to know I remember why I became a hard worker’. It was because you were the smartest one and as the eldest, I had to keep up. I was afraid you wouldn’t look up to me so you must know and everyone should too, that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am if you weren’t there for me to look up to so I can be someone you looked up to,” she added.

The 28-year-old vlogger went on to share that Jay is her ‘Christmas’ for this year. She also gave a piece of advice to her followers about dealing with people who suffer from mental health problems.

“Please don’t give up Jay, you are my Christmas! God please shield him from anything that hurts him. To everyone who has loved ones suffering mentally, hold them close, be patient with them, it hurts sometimes but nothing hurts more than losing them,” she wrote.

Ending her post, she wrote: “I’m not letting you go, Jay! It’s me and you forever! My Christmas is a merry one because you’re with me.”

Netizens lauded Donna for being a great sister to her siblings, praising her for penning a beautifully-written message.

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