Maxene Magalona reminds people to ‘Be kind, be nice and be good’

Maxene Magalona reminds people to ‘Be kind, be nice and be good’

Maxene Magalona shared her thoughts on why it always pays to be kind, especially during the holiday season.

With the holiday schedule getting hectic for everyone, actress Maxene Magalona took to her Instagram account to remind her followers to always choose kindness when dealing with other people and with themselves.

On her social media account last December 24, Maxene wrote: “This is your friendly reminder to be kind, be nice and be good for goodness’ sake this holiday season. Even though this is a beautiful and wonderful time, we can’t deny that it can also be a very sensitive and triggering occasion. Now that we are all getting ready to see our families and loved ones, it is very important to stay connected to ourselves—to our souls.”

“Please keep your mental health, emotions and consciousness in check by focusing on your breath, catching yourself before you get triggered, practicing mindfulness by being as present as you can be and always, always treat others the way you would want to be treated,” she added.

She went on: “Would you like it if someone asks you why you’re single or childless? If someone pressures you about your job and finances? If someone questions your life choices? If someone points out that you gained weight? Instead of asking these invasive and personal questions, why don’t we ask each other, “How are you? How is your heart?”

“Christmas will definitely be more special and meaningful when we can consciously exchange good energy with one another. When we can sincerely hold space for our loved ones without judgment. When we can just let each other be and spend time together in peace and harmony,” she continued.

Maxene also reminded her followers about the true meaning of Christmas.

“More than the gifts that we are all excited to give and receive, let’s never forget the true meaning of Christmas: love. Just pure, unconditional and genuine love. The kind of love that God gives us every day, even when we don’t deserve it.”

Having started promoting her vegan chocolate chip cookies last year, Maxene reminded her followers to treat themselves before the year ends.

She wrote: “Enjoy the holidays, everyone! Don’t worry about your weight and just eat whatever you want! Christmas calories don’t count anyway These are our Triple Chocolate cookies from, btw! If you haven’t tried them yet, visit to place your orders ”

In an earlier post, Maxene also shared why she is inspired to bake cookies for sale. “I have a passion for compassion, kindness and cruelty-free cookies! I’m just really out here trying to get more of you to go vegan .”

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