Solenn Heussaff opens up about her second prenancy journey

Solenn Heussaff opens up about her second prenancy journey

Solenn Heussaff talks about what she went through with her second pregnancy.

Solenn Heussaff opened up about her journey during her second pregnancy.

In her latest YouTube vlog which documented her journey prior to giving birth to her second child, the actress shared how they had been preparing for the arrival of the baby.

“The setup [in the house] is the baby is going to be sleeping with me in this room and I’m gonna send Nico (Bolzico) to the guest room so that he can sleep next to Tili’s (their eldest daughter) room and take care of her if she calls for me at night,” she relayed.

For her second pregnancy, Solenn highlighted that she chose to take the journey lightly.

“What I did this time is I made sure to take the pregnancy in a chill way, enjoy it, not panic too much, not overread things online,” she said.

Solenn shared that just like with her first pregnancy, she had to do injections as she was prone to blood clotting. It can be recalled that Solenn shared before that the injections are blood thinners to combat the formation of blood clots.

“With this pregnancy, I injected from the first week of pregnancy, whereas with my first pregnancy I only started at five to six months that’s why we had a lot of issues and delays and placenta calcification,” she stated.

Solenn described her second pregnancy as “such a breeze.”

“The injections I’m getting used to it. I have so much energy, I do my workouts, I am still lifting my daughter (Tili). I am 38 weeks now and she’s 15 kilos and I’m still lifting her. Again, they say don’t carry heavy things when you’re pregnant. But if you work out before and if you’re in a regular workout then you should be fine but again always ask your doctor,” she remarked.

While waiting for her second child to be born, Solenn also made sure that she got to bond with her eldest daughter Tili.

“I made sure with Tili we bonded a lot. Again I have no yaya since the birth of Tili so we bonded since her birth. We have spending quality time. But of course now it is more of reading her books. And she also starts school so it helps a lot. And yeah just going to the park with her, doing mom and daughter things,” she said.

The actress remarked that she was looking forward to seeing Tili become a big sister.

“Next week she’s going to be a sister. She’s going to be an ate. Telling her the changes we’re going to have in the house, trying to get her used to that—it’s going to be quite an emotional ride. I am excited to see how she’s going to react to seeing her little sister for the first time. I think I’m going to cry for sure. It’s going to be the sweetest thing. Now she’s already been kissing my belly, telling her stories. I think it is quite going to be a journey,” she stated.

On December 14, Nico announced that Solenn had given birth to their second child.

In the video he posted, Nico said, “What a crazy day today. Argentina qualified to the finals of the World Cup with (Lionel) Messi playing a great game and we just had a super healthy baby girl!”

He also wrote in the caption: “I let her mama to introduce her later, but one thing is confirmed, her second name is ‘Lionel’. Mama is healthy and happy also!”

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