Karen Davila tours the Holy Land with her family for the Christmas season

Karen Davila tours the Holy Land with her family for the Christmas season

Karen Davila says their trip to the Holy Land was like the ‘Bible made alive.’

Karen Davila spent Christmas with her family in Israel, also known as the Holy Land.

The ABS-CBN broadcaster shared snapshots from her family’s trip on social media, showing the places where Jesus Christ had His ministry work.

“A BLESSED CHRISTMAS from ISRAEL. We start off at the Sea of Galilee & Capernaum, where Jesus lived & did most of His ministry work!” Karen wrote.

The TV Patrol news anchor shared the miracles that Jesus did at the Sea of Galilee.

“Jesus performed many miracles in the Sea of Galilee – which is actually a lake btw. Here, he walked on water, calmed the storm, asked Peter to cast his net & surprised him with a big catch,” she posted.

Karen also relayed that it is in Capernaum where the house of Peter, one of the Jesus’s apostles, was discovered.

“[Jesus] lived nearby, in Capernaum although without owning his own home. Peter’s home was excavated along with some parts of the original town and has been preserved for millions to see. Proof that Christ existed and lived amongst us,” she wrote.

“Being here is the Bible made alive!” she remarked.

Celebrity friends and social media followers of Karen were quick to comment on her post.

“Sobrang surreal this experience for me. Enjoy,” Gretchen Ho said.

“Looks almost surreal @iamkarendavila experiencing all these right in front of your face… a privilege and a big blessing!!! Looking forward to more of these posts!” one follower commented.

In another Instagram post, Karen also shared a snapshot of the Ancient Galilee Boat which they were able to see in Israel.

“After 2000 years – in the drought of January 1986, a wooden object embedded in silt was discovered by local archeologists & turned out to be the base of a fishing boat during the time of Jesus Christ,” she wrote.

Karen continued, “Now, was this Jesus & the apostles’ boat? Or simply, a fisherman’s during the time of Christ? While nothing is certain, this ancient boat of Galilee has become known as ‘The Jesus Boat.'”

The broadcaster and her family also visited the Mount of Beatitudes in Northern Israel.

She shared, “Jesus is believed to have delivered the Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes are Jesus’s teachings on how He would want us to behave & live.”

They also drove to the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus and a dove descended upon Him.

“Today, millions of believers come here to be baptized as an adult,” Karen said.

They also visited Tel Megiddo, which is known as “the lost city of Solomon.”

“Within it are the remains of at least 20 cities, dating from 5000 BC. The excavations in 1929-35 by the University of Chicago reveals a city with gates, homes, horse stables, grain silo & a deep tunnel to keep water that’s 300 steps underground – all built by King Solomon!” she posted.

“Did you know that ‘Armageddon’ in the Bible actually refers to Megiddo? In the Book of Revelation, Armageddon witnesses the ultimate battle between good & evil before the Day of Judgement This site is breathtaking. Must see!” Karen added.

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