LJ Reyes on celebrating her 35th birthday: ‘An answered prayer’

LJ Reyes on celebrating her 35th birthday: ‘An answered prayer’

LJ Reyes reflects on what made her birthday extra special this year.

After moving to the US last year to be with her mother and sister who are based in New York City, LJ Reyes continues to raise her two children Aki and Summer who are now studying there as well. For her 35th birthday this year, LJ shared what a blessing it was for her to witness something special on Christmas Day which is also her natal day.

In her Instagram post, she wrote, “Christmas Day 2022 was an answered prayer for me! I have always hoped that I could attend service on the day which also happens to be my birthday and it finally happened! I attended Christmas service with my kids!

“And on top of that, my kids performed (together, on stage) for the first time! So let me just take this time and be proud of this beautiful proud moment for me— best gift from my kids and of course from God!

“Merry Christmas (indeed), everyone!”

In the same post, the proud mom explained how happy she was with her kids’ performances at their church presentation.

“Summer has always been such a performer! And she melted everyone’s hearts. She likes being on stage and singing and seeing her audience get entertained! Lol she’s owned the microphone and I couldn’t be prouder!

“Aki, on the other hand, was a revelation! He has been in school band but never really played the drums. Few weeks ago, with the help of church family, we encouraged him to start with drums lessons bec he seemed interested. He only had a few hours to practice this and am so proud of how well he played! ‘ANAK ANG POGI MONG DRUMMER!’ Lol — sorry na! Proud mom!

“Thank you Lord for these kids! And I pray that they get to honor your through the gifts you have blessed them with! Who know maybe they can make music one day for the glory of Your Name!”

Last year, after moving to New York with her children Aki and Summer, LJ revealed the breakup of her six-year relationship with actor Paolo Contis. The actress cited the reason for their move as the way to “mentally and emotionally to recover as a family.”

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